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Twin Pomegranates™ Wine makes 100% California Pomegranate wine.

Disclaimer: "Consuming One Glass May Promote Smiling."

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Our Pomegranate Wine!

pomegranate winesWe have a wonderful list of unique and delicious wines that we know you will enjoy!

Pictures and Video!

pomegranate wine pictures and videoWhat makes you smile? Check out our pictures and videos that made us smile!

The "Tree House" Wine Club!

pomegranate wine clubWelcome to the "Tree House" wine club! We called our wine club the "Tree House" because pomegranates grow on trees, not on vines. We are also a fun and young wine company, and would love for you to be a part of it... join it today!

pomegranate wine awardsAwards

We are still a fairly new wine company, but our wine competes all over the United States.

pomegranate wine charitiesCharities

We attend events throughout the year that benefit different deserving charities.

pomegranate wine distributorsDistributors

We offer distribution throughout California. Interested in helping us expand our locations?

pomegranate wine eventsEvents

We attend events all across California. Find out where we will be next & taste our wines!

pomegranate wine newsNews & Press

We make the news every so often. People are always interested in our unique company story and wine!

pomegranate factsPomegranates

Pomegranates are a super fruit. Not only do they have a distinct and unique flavor but they also have health benefits.

pomegranate wine food recipesRecipes

Mix it up with our cocktail recipes! Do you also cook with your wine? Check out our recipes page!

pomegranate wine locationsLocations

Our wine is in a number of different retail stores. Find out where you can purchase our wines near you!