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About Twin Pomegranates™ Wine

We are a small production wine company located in Madera, California. Our locally grown Wonderful variety pomegranates are crafted into wines that are rare, unique, and exotic. We hand select our pomegranates at their optimum ripeness to ensure rich color and flavor. We believe it’s important to maintain the value and integrity of the fruit, so our wine is as close in flavor and health benefits to the pomegranate fruit itself. We currently market four wines: a 100% Pomegranate Table Wine, a Pomegranate White Wine Blend, a 100% Pomegranate Sparkling Wine, and "Sweetie" a semi-sweet 100% pomegranate wine.

Nick and Brian Davis are twin brothers and co-creators of Twin Pomegranates™ Wine. They are fourth generation farmers born and raised in California's "Central Valley." The Davis family began farming over 80 years ago and today grows primarily wine grapes, almonds, and pomegranates in the heart of California's Agricultural Mecca, the San Joaquin Valley. Nick and Brian are both graduates of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with degrees in Viticulture, Enology, and Marketing.

About the Twin Pomegranates™ Team


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Nick Davis

I attended California Polytechnic University and majored in Wine and Viticulture with a concentration in Enology and Vineyard production. Wine-making philosophy attracted me to the wine industry. It's also what keeps me in the wine industry today! Not all wines are created equal, nor should they be! Wine needs personality, taste follows. Making wine is a science, drinking it isn't... just pour it in a glass and drink it!
Facts: I love wine tasting, hunting, snowboarding, water sports, laughing, and hiking!

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Brian Davis

I attended California Polytechnic University and majored in Agricultural Business with a concentration in Marketing. I also majored in Wine and Viticulture with a concentration in Viticulture. I've always been interested in all aspects of wine, from the field to the cellar. I experimented with wine making in college and really enjoyed it. My brother and I decided to create Twin Pomegranates™ Wine to introduce new flavors to wine lovers!
Facts: I enjoy spending time with the family and most activities outdoors in the sun!

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