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We are still a fairly new wine company, but we enter competitions all over the United States. Most of the time we compete against traditional grape wines, but we hope people will become more aware of pomegranate wines. The following are only a few awards we had the privilege of accepting.

2011 Fresno Scene Magazine, Shining Star Awards:
"Favorite Local Winery"

The Fresno Scene Magazine's Shining Star Awards ceremony took place on Sunday February 28, 2011 in Fresno, CA. Nine thousand readers voted for the Fresno Scene magazine’s awards. We won "Best Local Winery" over many other fantastic wineries! We had only been on the market for 15 months, so receiving this award was a huge honor.

"Being a new local wine company and having very unique products can have its difficulties. Receiving this award helps us know that we are headed in the right direction, and our marketing efforts are working. It’s a great confidence boast."—Brian Davis

2011 Florida State Fair, International Wine Competition:
"Bronze Medal" For Pomegranate/ White Wine Blend

The 22nd annual Florida State Fair International Wine competition took place on February 10th to 12th, 2011. They received 1283 entries from 34 states and 9 foreign countries. The judges were very pleased with the quality and diversity of the entries. We received a Bronze Medal for our Pomegranate/ White Wine Blend!

"We are very excited about getting recognition for our Pomegranate/ White Wine Blend. We worked hard to create a blend that captures the essence of the pomegranate and the body of a smooth white wine."—Nick Davis

2010 Clovis, CA Wine Walk: "People's Choice Award"

We attended the second annual Old Town Clovis Wine Walk on September 25, 2010. With 1400 in attendance, we stole the show. The wine alone makes our company stand out in a crowd, but we like to educate the consumer on what they are tasting, and how the wine is made. And consumers love to hear about our incomparable product.

Guests at the event had a chance to taste wines from 16 different wineries, and shop at different stores in Old Town Clovis. At the end of the event, they were asked to vote on the winery that they thought deserved the People’s Choice Award. After all the votes were tallied, we found out we had won and were so excited!

"The winner of the Old Town Clovis Fall 2010 Wine Walk People’s Choice Award is Twin Pomegranates Wine Co. Their wonderful California Pomegranate Wine is always a big hit. Congratulations Twin Pomegranates!”—Wanda Leon Business Organization of Old Town Clovis

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