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Madera Twins Produce Unusual Local Wine

Published December 15, 2009

Madera Tribune by Ramona Frances

Twin brothers from Madera have bottled a bold idea. What's more, they have converted their idea into a product now being sold through Save Mart - just in time for the holidays. The product, grown and processed in Madera by Brian and Nick Davis, 26, is sweet-tart pomegranate wine identified by the label Twin Poms. The brothers said they were inspired to produce the unique, locally grown product. "We wanted (to make) something that would stand out among the plethora of wines consumers may choose from," Brian Davis said. "Our product is unique, exotic and represents the essence of the pomegranate. "Among available wines, Brian Davis believes pomegranate wine belongs in a category of its own. The wine produced by Twin Poms has not been pasteurized and does not have artificial ingredients added to change the flavor or color.

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