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Twin Poms - Pomegranate Wine

Posted November, 2010

TastingSanDiego.com By David Scott

“In the course of my wine career (hell, even through the course of this particular evening) I’ve tried all kinds of fruit-based big boy beverages, from peach to pear to pineapple and everything in between. I can’t say that any of them were particularly bad, but that’s probably because I can’t remember them. Most of these “wines” were more like overgrown wine coolers with berry flavoring, high fructose corn syrup, a little zip of alcohol, and a whole lot of carbonation. These beverages often resemble the flavors of the fruit as they taste in Willy Wonka land, not in the orchard, and usually do in fact come off tasting more like candy than a cocktail. Not so with Twin Poms.

The pomegranate wine had a very distinct nose, with a bouquet that reminded me of walking through the produce section at Whole Foods. As the wine opened up, it gave way to an even earthier and (almost) mineral-like menage of musty, mossy mud. The first sip led me right to the unexpected – the wine tasted as if I had bitten right into a fresh pomegranate, seeds and all. There was a little bit of dryness, and a little bit of bitter – similar to biting a persimmon that’s not quite ripe – that lingered on the palate and then rolled off my palate with a velvety finish of fruit. It seemed that these guys had succeeded in capturing the essence of the fruit they wanted me to enjoy, while helping to mend any maligned misconceptions about fruit-based wine.

I also tried a sparkling version, with the same fruit-packed punch and the tickle of tiny bubbles – and no candy. Get more info on Twin Poms from their official web site.”

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