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Pomegranate Sparkling Wine - 100%

Our pomegranate sparkling wine is made from 100% Calif0rnia Wonderful Pomegranates. This wine is carbonated to bring out the bright, crisp, tropical pomegranate flavors, making this a great refreshing drink you can virtually take anywhere!

Our pomegranate sparkling wine is refreshingly crisp and slightly sweeter tasting than our flagship wine. This one of a kind wine is lighter on the palette expressing sweet pomegranate effervescence in the nose, and showcasing subtle pomegranate flavors with every sip.

DISCLAIMER: "Consuming One Glass May Promote Smiling."

Tony Brueski - TheTasteSpot.com

“Nice nose, a little perfumey if you will, you get the pomegranate immediately, and almost like bark, orchard bark… the taste has honey, lavender, outdoorsy feel to it... Not extremely bubbly which is cool with me... very nice authentic pomegranate taste to it.” - Tony Brueski, TheTasteSpot.com

Elaine Sharp - Customer

"When their Sparking Wine came out, I was one happy person.  It is my very favorite wine, period. I love the taste, I love the bubbles, I love it so much I bought a case and, since the case is almost gone, I plan to purchase another. Twin Pomegranates Sparkling Wine is a wonderful, affordable, alternative to champagne." - Elaine Sharp

Catherine Ables - Customer

"I've been hearing more about the health benefits of pomegranates and was excited to taste a pomegranate wine that wasn't too sweet! The Sparkling Pomegranate Wine was a big hit with family members around the holidays and was very affordable! Sunday brunch mimosas will never be ordinary again!" - Catherine Ables

Twin Pomegranates™ Wine Specifications
Our Wine Alcohol % Taste Nose # of Pomegranates
Table Approx. 13.4 Tart, Crisp, Bold Fresh Pomegranate Approx. 8 /per bottle
Pom/Chard Approx. 12.9 Clean, Light, Chardonnay with a subtle Pomegranate finish Apricot, Green Apple Approx. 4 /per bottle
Sparkling Approx. 13.3 Honey, Lavender, Crisp, Slightly Sweet Pomegranate, Perfumey, Bark Approx. 8 /per bottle
Sweetie Approx. 13.4 Semi-Sweet Pomegranate Seeds, Clean, Light Cranberry, Wild Cherry, and Earthly Aromas Approx. 8 /per bottle

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"One Glass May Promote Smiling!"

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