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"Sweetie" Semi-Sweet Pomegranate Wine

Yes... It's fermented pomegranate juice! Semi-sweet, slightly tart and tastes exactly like fresh pomegranate seeds! This wine represents the wine industry‘s forthcoming of change and creativity, as a result the bottle is as clean and refreshing as the actual wine! This wine is NOT a sugar-rich, thick, dessert wine.† Itís a wet and juicy wine with nicely balanced citrus acidity! †Thereís no romantic way of saying what this wine tastes like except, IT TASTES JUST LIKE POMEGRANATE SEEDS! We also treated this wine with much required attention to extract and preserve as much pomegranate aroma as humanly possible.

To enjoy the character of pomegranate, including flavors and aromas, consume slightly chilled right away or cellar up to one year. The semi-sweet taste and citrus finish pairs well with chocolate, fruit, and cheesecake... While in the company of good friends!

DISCLAIMER: "Consuming One Glass May Promote Smiling."

Debi Wiedekamp - Customer

"I am not much of a wine drinker but celebrated my birthday this year with friends on the Clovis Wine Walk. One taste of the new Sweetie, I was sold. I didn't even finish the walk because I needed to get to the place where I could buy a bottle that day! I don't even want to share my Sweetie with anyone! Bad? Maybe, but it's mine!!!" - Debi Wiedekamp

Teresa Aguirre - Customer

“I love it! I'm just starting to get into wine and it's perfect for that because it's semi-sweet. I had it one night with my cousins red velvet cake pops and it brought the flavors out so much more! It's definitely a nice wine to have when relaxing next to a fire, watching a good movie!" - Teresa Aguirre

Debra Garza - Customer

“A terrific flavor! It's like popping a handful of pomegranate arils in your mouth and biting down all at once. It doesn't leave an after-taste in your mouth. When chilled, it goes down real smooth. Better than the Casa de Fruta dessert wine!” - Debra Garza

Twin Pomegranates™ Wine Specifications
Our Wine Alcohol % Taste Nose # of Pomegranates
Table Approx. 13.4 Tart, Crisp, Bold Fresh Pomegranate Approx. 8 /per bottle
Pom/Chard Approx. 12.9 Clean, Light, Chardonnay with a subtle Pomegranate finish Apricot, Green Apple Approx. 4 /per bottle
Sparkling Approx. 13.3 Honey, Lavender, Crisp, Slightly Sweet Pomegranate, Perfumey, Bark Approx. 8 /per bottle
Sweetie Approx. 13.4 Semi-Sweet Pomegranate Seeds, Clean, Light Cranberry, Wild Cherry, and Earthly Aromas Approx. 8 /per bottle

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"One Glass May Promote Smiling!"

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