pomegranate white wine blend

Pomegranate White Wine Blend

If you're reading this, you're probably asking yourself... "What will this wine taste like?" Let's just say, if you like pomegranate and white wine, this blend will pleasantly blow your mind! You'll taste the intense flavors of pomegranate with a hint of lemon and green apple.

This blended wine bridges the gap between a wine familiar to consumers and a completely new and original wine. Our wine fuses together the body and structure provided by the chardonnay with the unmatched characteristics and flavor of pomegranate, giving this wine a soft, smooth, and uniquely fresh flavor.

DISCLAIMER: "Consuming One Glass May Promote Smiling."

Andrew Macaluso - SanTasti

“ I first tried the 50:50 blend in 2010 during Thanksgiving. When I told the family that we'd be trying pomegranate wine, they were intrigued and excited to be trying something new and different. We had two bottles on each end of the table and after the first pioneering sips were taken both bottles were quickly polished off. The wine wasn't sweet like some expected/feared and it had a nice acidity to it. The price is great too, especially considering you're getting estate grown pomegranate!” - Andrew Macaluso, SanTasti

Tony Brueski - TheTasteSpot.com

“Nice amber color looks like fall, orangey hue, like honey. On the nose of this you get pomegranate but you get autumn, fresh crispy leaves on the ground, honey and fresh herbs, like lavender, more of a floral nose to it.”- Tony Brueski, TheTasteSpot.com

Erin Petruk - Customer

“I had the pleasure of pouring this wine at the 2010 San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival, and it was a fan favorite! This taste is unique to Twin Pomegranates and has such a fresh, crisp flavor. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be pleasantly surprised by something new.” – Erin Petruk

Twin Pomegranates™ Wine Specifications
Our Wine Alcohol % Taste Nose # of Pomegranates
Table Approx. 13.4 Tart, Crisp, Bold Fresh Pomegranate Approx. 8 /per bottle
Pom/Chard Approx. 12.9 Clean, Light, Chardonnay with a subtle Pomegranate finish Apricot, Green Apple Approx. 4 /per bottle
Sparkling Approx. 13.3 Honey, Lavender, Crisp, Slightly Sweet Pomegranate, Perfumey, Bark Approx. 8 /per bottle
Sweetie Approx. 13.4 Semi-Sweet Pomegranate Seeds, Clean, Light Cranberry, Wild Cherry, and Earthly Aromas Approx. 8 /per bottle

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"One Glass May Promote Smiling!"

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