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Trail Blazer Semi-Sweet Red Pomegranate Table Wine

Our 100% pomegranate wine is made from California's finest pomegranates, hand selected at optimum ripeness. This wine is not sweet. You will taste the fresh, tangy, and fruity flavors and aromas of the super fruit known as Pomegranate.

Our flagship wine is from estate-grown Wonderful pomegranates, one of the worlds most colorful and flavorful varieties. This wine is flavorsome, 100% pure pomegranate wine that brings an extraordinary arrangement of tropical fruit flavors like guava, tangerine, and cranberry. Think of our wine as more of a refreshing cocktail wine served slightly chilled and sure to please. We recommend this wine be consumed shortly after purchase to fully enjoy the fresh fruit taste.

DISCLAIMER: "Consuming One Glass May Promote Smiling."

David Scott - TastingSanDiego.com

"The pomegranate wine had a very distinct nose, with a bouquet that reminded me of walking through the produce section at Whole Foods... the wine tasted as if I had bitten right into a fresh pomegranate, seeds and all." - David Scott, TastingSanDiego.com

Dan Kline - Customer

“When I heard there was a Pomegranate wine, and since I love eating pomegranates, I knew I just had to try this wine. I am also aware of the health benefits of pomegranates.  The first Twin Pomegranates wine I purchased was their Pomegranate Table Wine and I really enjoyed the taste." - Dan Kline

Tony Brueski - TheTasteSpot.com

“On the nose you get intense pomegranate, not so much honey… cinnamon, hints of dark cherry which are probably the pomegranate, but more earth tones much more intense, still approachable.” - Tony Brueski, TheTasteSpot.com

Twin Pomegranates™ Wine Specifications
Our Wine Alcohol % Taste Nose # of Pomegranates
Table Approx. 13.4 Tart, Crisp, Bold Fresh Pomegranate Approx. 8 /per bottle
Pom/Chard Approx. 12.9 Clean, Light, Chardonnay with a subtle Pomegranate finish Apricot, Green Apple Approx. 4 /per bottle
Sparkling Approx. 13.3 Honey, Lavender, Crisp, Slightly Sweet Pomegranate, Perfumey, Bark Approx. 8 /per bottle
Sweetie Approx. 13.4 Semi-Sweet Pomegranate Seeds, Clean, Light Cranberry, Wild Cherry, and Earthly Aromas Approx. 8 /per bottle

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"One Glass May Promote Smiling!"

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