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Twin Pomegranates

Published September 6, 2011

By Kimberly Horg-Webb

Most wines are made with different varieties of grapes but twin brothers from the Central Valley decided to try something new by making wine made with pomegranates. Twin Pomegranates owners and founders, Nick and Brian Davis grew up in Madera, Calif. surrounded by family who were involved in agriculture. The two are the fourth generation in a family that grows almonds, wine grapes, and of course pomegranates.

Their grandfather, Elvin Davis, grows 130 acres of “Wonderful” variety pomegranates. The Wonderful variety is known for its sweet taste and health benefits, so Twin Pomegranates Wine has the best of both worlds.

The wine produced by Twin Pomegranates has not been pasteurized and does not have artificial ingredients added to change the flavor or color so, according to them, it is even better for your health than red wine. It is said to help fight heart disease, high blood pressure, get rid of free radicals, and it may help with premature aging and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This wine is packed with nutrients.

“Our 100 percent pure pomegranate wine is not a sweet wine contrary to what most consumers think,” Nick Davis said. “Since the wine is made from fermented pomegranate juice, it tastes and smells like pomegranate!”

It has a sufficient amount of residual sugar to balance the large quantities of citric acid in pomegranate juice. The wine tastes slightly tart, which is a characteristic of pomegranate juice.

There are a couple of other pomegranate wines on the market, but nothing like Twin Pomegranates. Nick says other competitors’ pomegranate wines are sweet; similar to a dessert wine but theirs is on the dryer side.

“Brian and I don’t drink too many sweet wines, therefore we wanted to produce wine we like and would buy,” Nick said. “All our wines are first of their kind. You won’t be able to find wine like them on the market.”

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