Twin Pomegranates™ Wine Commercials

We have commercials that are on air right now!

Pomegranate Table Wine

Twin Pomegranates™ wine owners Nick and Brian Davis introduce their 100% Pomegranate wine that IS NOT sweet!

Pomegranate Sparkling Wine

Twin Pomegranates™ wine owners Nick and Brian Davis introduce their 100% Sparkling Pomegranate wine. The sparkling pomegranate wine is the first ever produced in California!

Valentines Day February 2011

Gabby wants Pomegranate Sparkling Wine for Valentines Day but she gets something else from Grant... Check it out!!

Casting Call 2011

We make three unique Pomegranate Wines, and are looking for people to represent each wine!

Twin Pomegranates™ in the News

The story of Twin Pomegranates™ wine company has sparked media attention...

NBC San Diego - 11/22/09

Nick and Brian Davis make the San Diego, CA news! The twins attended the 2009 San Diego Food and Wine Festival and made a great impression on curious wine consumers.

KSEE 24 "We Are Fresno" - 9/10/10

Stefani Booroojian puts the Fresno, CA spotlight on the twins of Twin Pomegranates™ wine. Nick and Brian Davis use the valley's fertile ag land to create a fresh spin on making wine!

Video Blogs About Us

We've come across videos of our wines on blogs and other online media...

Taste Spot: Table Wines Review

Tony Brueski opens our table wine and our white wine blend for a taste review. "... it showcased a nice balance of flavor and complexity." Watch the video for more his thoughts.

Taste Spot: Sparkling Wine Review

Tony Brueski pops open our 100% Pomegranate Sparkling wine. "... for some it takes time to get used to but then you crave it!" Watch the full review for more tasting notes!

Central Valley Today Videos

Central Valley Today is a KSEE 24 News Talk-Show where local valley businesses talk about current updates and promotions!

CVT July 2010

Twin Pomegranates™ wine owners Nick and Brian Davis introduce their 100% Pomegranate wine. The guys talk about how the wine tastes and how they got started.

CVT August 2010

Twins Nick and Brian Davis talk about being farmers first, then getting a Cal Poly education in San Luis Obispo. The "Twins" used their knowledge to produce a "Smooth Table Wine."

CVT September 2010

Nick Davis and PR Director Tori Kline introduce their new pomegranate and white wine blend that isn't sweet, but extra smooth. Cheers!

CVT October 2010
Britney Maxfield from the Valley Animal Center, Nick, and Brian Davis talk about teaming up with the Valley Animal Center to present "Paws and Pawmegranates!"
CVT November 2010

Co-owners Nick and Brian Davis introduce their 100% Sparkling Pomegranate wine! The wine is approximately 13.5% alcohol... just enough to start any celebration! Cheers!

CVT January 2011

Brian Davis talks about sponsoring an Alien Ant Farm concert in Fresno. Creative Director, Rob Chapa talks about the challenges of creating advertisements for a new, fun, and unique wine.

CVT February 2011

Nick Davis and Sales Rep. Daniel Bonilla talk about how the company is growing. Nick talks about our newly redesigned web site. Daniel talks about partnering with local businesses.

CVT April 2011

Nick Davis talks about the wine winning a medal at an international wine competition. Brian Davis talks about a casting call competition to find a spokesperson for each wine!